in Casco Bay
Falmouth Neck, later to be renamed Portland, is the hub of CASCO BAY Fifty odd years ago, Maine Coast residents were still tidying up from
the aftermath of being on the Front Line of World War II. Then, convoy-hungry
U-Boat wolfpacks prowled the sea-lanes, often attacking their prey in sight of
ancient shore defences, some of them rearmed with what had been the most
modern Tools of War.

All up and down the rocky coast, from Kittery Point to Machias, these old forts may still be found, the legacy from a time gone by of Maine-ly iron men and wooden ships.  From threats of frigates belching broadsides to skulking submarines, Mainers have been protected by forts, ranging from Colonial-Era log stockades to masonry and concrete emplacements, armed with everything from muzzle-loading brass cannon to radar-directed 16-inch costal batteries.
    Now, these former guardians are at rest, peacefully yielding their ramparts and bastions to invading camera-armed summer visitors.  Maine Fort History